BCS Construction Project Nearing Completion

Written by Phelps County Independent, September, 1, 2016 – During the 2016 summer vacation, the Bertrand Community School had the opportunity to make updates to the facility.

The Board of Education worked extensively on infrastructure of the project for the last two years.  Their goal was to make the school safer, more efficient and a better learning environment for students.
To obtain the goal of the project, numerous changes took place.

“Energy and efficiency was a top priority for the Bertrand Community School’s Board of Education, not only to help with energy costs, but for the future of students, staff and the building, we looked as far as 20 years ahead,” according to Superintendent Dr. Dennis Shipp.

New drop down ceilings were added throughout the school, new lighting fixtures with brighter more efficient bulbs, along with sensors, which control the lights, turning them off when no one is in the rooms.


Pictured is the new range hood that was installed in the kitchen.

A water main line under the school was replaced, which was in desperate need of updating.

Trane, the company in charge of the heating and cooling part of the updates to the facility along with subcontractors, Rutt’s Heating and Air Conditioning, installed new heating and cooling registers and temperature controls in each classroom that are set with parameters. The unit is also able to be operated through a computer programing system. The 6-7 year old boilers were retro fitted to work in unity with the new air-cooled chillers.

The 20 to 130 ton air-cooler is charged and designed for outdoor use in ambient temperatures of 0 to 125°F. The unit is equipped with compressors, condenser, fans, evaporator and controls, which makes it ideal for large office buildings and commercial/industrial facilities.

This unit meets energy efficiencies that exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards and the Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 schools.

Other significant updates approved by the board included adding a new ventilation hood in the kitchen, updating the condition of the floors in the locker rooms along with replacing the old benches; several doors will be replaced thoughout the building, the carpet in the music room with be replaced; bathrooms are being renovated with new flooring, efficient lighting and new stalls; new windows were installed in the old gymnasium; flooring was placed in the new weight room. The industrial technology shop had the windows replaced and two shop heaters were installed.

The project was scheduled to be completed within 12 weeks.

According to Dr. Shipp, “The demolition took a bit longer than planned pushing some of the other contractors’ schedules back a bit. I would say 95-98 percent of the work has been completed. A few things need to be finished, but nothing that will interfere with students’ daily schedules. Brad Renken will be painting several areas around the school to finish up and some of the security cameras will need to re-installed.”

Trane Chiller

BCS installed an energy efficient Trane chiller unit that exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standards. This unit will operate the schools cooling system through a computerized programming that will be pre-set to help with energy usage.

Funding for the project became available through the Qualified Capital Purpose Undertaking Fund (Environmental Hazard Abatement and Accessibility Barrier Elimination Project Account; Qualified Zone Academy Bonds Account; Life Safety code Modification Project Account; Indoor Air Quality Project Account and Mold Abatement and Prevention Project Account), which is an internal bond, working with school infrastructure. The board was able to spread out the payments of the project up to ten years with a max of 5.2 cents.