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City of Manhattan
Osage County Courthouse
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We have a wealth of in-depth information on numerous topics from basic HVAC design and operation to detailed technical papers on High Performance Building Issues.

Total Solutions Provider Program
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Case Study

Higher Ed_Case Study

Allen County Public Library worked with engineers from MSKTD & Associates, Trane, and valued partners using the Tracer ES™ Facilities Management System to integrate
building systems throughout the countywide library system. Jeffrey Krull, ACPL Director, said, “The new systems are a dramatic change from the hodgepodge of systems that we had. We now have unified, integrated systems that make it easy to monitor and control all of the buildings within the library system. It gives us flexibility for future expansion and changes in equipment and control systems. We truly are getting the most benefit for the taxpayer’s money.”

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Reinforcing Fiscally Sustainable Municipalities
Trane is helping cities plan for today and optimize their future through:

  • Fiscal solutions that reinforce public support
  • Creative use of state fiscal statutes
  • Energy and operational budget relief
  • Revenue-positive facility and infrastructure upgrade projects
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Public safety measures
  • Economic development
  • Guaranteed results
Government Specific Solutions


It would be an understatement to say that municipalities throughout the Midwest are confronted with a multitude of significant challenges. Trane understands the unique challenges and resources present in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma and we provide comprehensive solutions to help you confront these challenges and improve the quality of life for your community.

  • Public buildings: Lighting upgrades, HVAC replacement, building automation systems, window and roofing replacements, water system and fixture upgrades, life safety measures, and utility rate analysis.
  • Water and sewer infrastructure solutions: waste water plants, pumping and lift stations, water treatment plant, water meters.
  • Municipal infrastructure improvements: public lighting, landfills, waste utilization, solar and wind energy initiatives.
  • Recreational facilities and parks: lighting upgrades, water conservation measures, swimming pools and spas, utility rate analysis, HVAC upgrades.
The Total Solutions Provider Program

We are excited about our partnership with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN). Municipalities now have additional opportunities to purchase world-class equipment and services, while taking advantage of the collective purchasing power of TCPN membership. State governments can use all Trane resources, as well as those of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Airedyne Industrial Products & Services, Clark Securities and General Lock to lower the cost of operating their facilities and provide greater efficiencies in purchasing.

Trane has always been committed to providing state-of-the-art systems and services to municipalities while simplifying and improving the purchasing process. With this partnership, we are taking this commitment to a new level.

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Take Control of Your Facilities with Tracer ES

Tracer ES

Government organizations at the federal, state and municipal level must try to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of reducing facility related expenses in the face of rising energy costs, increasing building usage, stricter indoor air quality  requirements and ongoing maintenance expenditures for aging systems.

Tracer ES™, a Trane web-based building automation solution, can help government organizations overcome the budgetary, environmental, management and purchasing challenges of operating multiple-facility operations. Click here to learn more about Tracer ES for your facilities.

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“We can easily monitor and control the main library and branch locations and make operating changes very quickly and easily. We are seeing significant energy savings. In the past HVAC systems ran 24 hours a day. Now, 90 percent of those units go into night setback. We have better lighting control for additional energy savings. We’ve worked with Trane many years and were very comfortable when this project went to Trane. Trane stands behind their products. If there is an issue,  they’re just a phone call away.”

-Jim Gumbel, Allen County Public Library

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