Kansas City Public Schools


Through a competitive process, Kansas City Public Schools partnered with Trane to address building maintenance and energy efficiency issues throughout the District. This public-private partnership was a unique approach – allowing the District to use energy savings to fund the necessary upgrades – saving taxpayer dollars.

Construction on the project began in July 2015 and was completed in early 2017. Trane technicians spent eighteen months fixing, repairing and replacing more than 3,200 pieces of equipment throughout the District.

Building Improvements included:

  • High-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve indoor air quality, increase ventilation and raise classroom thermal comfort.
  • Recommissioning and refurbishment of existing HVAC equipment to optimize performance.
  • High performance lighting systems to provide optimal lighting.
  • Low-flow water fixtures to conserve water and reduce sewage.
  • District-wide building automation system installation and/or upgrades which will enable operations staff to centrally control the HVAC systems to optimize energy and operational efficiencies while improving classroom comfort.

The energy efficiency upgrades have resulted in a savings of nearly 32 percent in utility costs. The project addressed approximately $30 million in energy efficiency upgrades which have drastically improved the educational environment for the students and teachers with improved comfort and humidity control.

Additionally, Trane assisted the district in obtaining $1.3 million in rebates from Kansas City Power & Light.

The project not only improved the learning environment and made good business sense for the District, but it also created a large number of jobs. At any given time throughout the 2-year project there were over 120 skilled laborers employed.

Darrel Meyer, Kansas City Public Schools Chief Operations Officer said, “The energy performance project with Trane has been very successful. Systems that hadn’t worked properly for years were either replaced or repaired to provide a better educational environment for students, staff and parents. The District is educating staff and teachers on additional ways to save energy, and are even taking some of the learnings into the classroom.”


Performance guarantee funds re-commissioning to restore mechanical equipment operation throughout District, resulting in significant energy savings, enhanced educational environment, and $1.3 million in utility rebates.

“When I came to the District and toured the buildings, I quickly realized that the schools were in disrepair due to lack of preventive maintenance over a period of years,” said Darrel Meyer, Chief Operations Officer, Kansas City Public Schools. “The equipment was older and in disarray, the louvers were dirty, and the incandescent lights in the gymnasium were buzzing. In some of the older schools with radiators, the only way to adjust room temperature was to open the windows. It was my goal to repair/replace outdated and broken equipment and develop a maintenance program to take care of the improvements. The District also implemented an energy and sustainability program that would make the District a leader in the educational community.”
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On June 13, 2017, Kansas City Public Schools was announced the winner of the grand prize of Mayor Sly James Energy Efficiency Awards. Trane was honored to have helped Kansas City Public Schools address building maintenance and energy efficiency issues in the 34 buildings awarded.


Mayor Sly James Hosts Third Annual Energy Efficiency Awards Breakfast (June, 2017)