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“This program has changed my life forever. My future is made possible through my program at Washburn Tech and I will always be thankful for the opportunities that were offered to me through this state-of-the-art facility.”
– Blake Anderson, 2014 graduate of the Climate and Energy Control Technologies program

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Midwest Training Center for Climate and Energy Control Technologies
The Midwest Training Center’s (MTC) goal is to provide existing and new workers the additional training needed to help current and new firms grow in the region. The MTC plans to achieve this goal by providing a system of connected and stackable credentials to existing technicians, to new students and to displaced workers for multiple programs and industry sectors: energy, transportation, and advanced manufacturing. The center will also provide train-the-trainer opportunities to secondary and post-secondary instructors throughout the Midwest.

“Trane is honored to support Washburn Tech in the development of the Midwest Training Center,” said Keven Ward, Public Sector Consultant for Trane. “The training center will serve business and industry throughout the Midwest region by producing trained employees with nationally recognized certifications, and to provide access to short term training and certifications for incumbent workers as well.”

The training center offers a series of certifications collaboratively developed in conjunction with the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3). “The need for certifications that are standardized, which means they are recognized by industry throughout the nation in the primary reason for Trane’s association with NC3,” said Greg Josefchuk, strategic programs leader for Trane. “Furthermore, students benefits from curriculum that has been evaluated by industry so that it reflects the training needs and workforce development of business and industry.”

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In The News

National Coalition of Certification Centers


The National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) was established to address the need for strong industry partnerships with educational institutions in order to develop, implement and sustain industry-recognized portable certifications that have strong validation and assessment standards.

Leading colleges and industry partners have developed a comprehensive, turnkey workforce development program for training and professional certification. NC3 members are provided with expert consultation – from the tools and equipment, to facility planning, faculty training, and the support necessary for professional certification program.

This network has aided technical colleges in developing the necessary course offerings for students to not only complete graduation, but also to acquire professional certification while they are in the program.

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HVAC Technician Careers


One of the most challenging and exciting career opportunities in the world today is in HVAC technical services. It is here where electrical-, mechanical-, and electronic-systems thinking and problem-solving techniques are required. Trane service technicians apply these skills every day.

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