Product Videos

Intelligent Services
We use building and systems data to help you uncover opportunities to save money, save energy and improve your building’s performance.

Rental Services
Regardless of your situation, Trane Rental Services has you covered with temporary HVAC, Power and Compressed Air Solutions.

Tracer Concierge
Concierge offers an easy and affordable way to automate a building’s lighting and HVAC. Control multiple zones from a single interface.

Air-Fi Wireless Controls
Easy, flexible and reliable way to operate your HVAC system. Lifetime batteries & self-healing mesh technology equals system reliability.

BAS R’newal
Upgrade existing building automation systems and improve building performance and efficiency, while providing a path for future success.

Dedicated Outdoor Air
Dedicated outdoor air systems improve indoor air quality, control relative humidity and reduce the load on other HVAC equipment in a building.

Foundation Rooftop Units
Trane Foundation light-commercial rooftop units are an HVAC solution that delivers what you really want: reliable performance, solid value, easy installation, and quick shipping.

Precedent/Voyager Rooftop Units
When it comes to HVAC expenses, every dollar counts. Trane light-commercial rooftop units have the lowest installed costs, lowest operating costs and fastest delivery times in the industry.

Intelligent Variable Air Systems
Delivering efficiency improvements of 20 to 30 percent, indoor air quality and comfort control, and lower installation costs.

Advantage VRF
Trane Advantage VRF systems offer best-in-class energy efficiency, truly customizable comfort and available simultaneous heating and cooling.

Series S CenTraVac Chiller
Trane’s new Series S CenTraVac Chiller provides highest efficiency, ultra quiet operation, proven reliability, and compact size.

Stealth Air-Cooled Chiller
Trane’s new Stealth Chiller offers industry leading energy efficiency, quietest published sound levels and the legendary Trane reliability.

Axiom Water-Source Heat Pumps
Advanced efficient technology and integrated control and automation systems offers uncompromised performance with exceptional efficiency.

Intellipak I Rooftop System
IntelliPak I offers the lowest overall installed cost and the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio in the industry on standard product.

CenTraVac Centrifugal Chiller
Trane CenTraVac centrifugal offer the highest efficiency, lowest emissions, most reliable performance, and proven technology that no other chiller in the industry can compare to.

Trane Terminal Products
The redesigned line of Trane fan coils, unit vents and blower coils delivers high efficiency, variable speed solutions. Innovative features result in reduced installation and maintenance costs.