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In the Spring of 2009, the University of Central Missouri embarked on an unprecedented $36.1 million energy savings contract (ESCO) with Trane.  The ESCO addressed $20 million in deferred maintenance and $16.1 million in energy efficiency upgrades on the Warrensburg campus.  Construction on the project was scheduled to last through the spring of 2011, taking approximately 24 months to complete.  However, the project was complete in the fall of 2010, six months ahead of schedule.

Key upgrades of the project included the installation of renewable energy-efficient HVAC systems, new hot water distribution systems, installation of more energy-efficient lighting and campus-wide building automation, life safety measures, and installation of geothermal heating and cooling.  To date, approximately 85% of the upgrades are complete.  100% of the lighting and water retrofits are complete and the geothermal heating and cooling system is fully operational.  By June of 2010 the university had already experienced nearly $500,000 in savings as a result of the upgrades.

Additionally, the university worked with Trane and Quality Attributes Software to install “green” touch screens throughout the campus which are used to educate the campus and community of the various sustainability initiatives occurring on campus.  Visitors are able to take a tour of the campus, view all the energy efficient upgrades that have been installed on the campus, learn about various sustainability clubs and activities happening on campus and learn what they can do to make a difference and become involved in UCMs effort toward becoming a carbon neutral campus.

The $36.1 million ESCO was designed to save approximately 31% of annual energy costs.  Trane guarantees the University an annual energy and operational savings of more than $735,000.  However, the university is on track to observe savings in excess of the guaranteed amount.  The university is also expected to save $848,000 in annual operating and maintenance expenses and $1.5 million in avoided annual capital improvements.  More importantly, the university is saving an abundance of carbon emissions.  The ESCO project is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 7,541 tons – equivalent to taking 1,381 cars off the road or reducing emissions equal to 1,714 acres of forests sequestering carbon.

In The News

Green Screens


An innovative feature of the ESCO package includes “green screens” throughout the campus to educate the faculty, students and the community on the University’s sustainability initiatives–and learn what they can do to make a difference and get involved in efforts toward becoming a carbon-neutral campus.

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UCM, Trane and the Clinton Climate Initiative


The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) aims to create and advance solutions to the core issues driving climate change.  It takes a holistic approach, addressing the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and the people, policies, and practices that impact them.  Working with governments and businesses around the world, CCI focuses on three strategic program areas:  increasing energy efficiency in some of the worlds largest cities, catalyzing the large-scale supply of clean energy, and working to stop deforestation.”

The University of Central Missouri (UCM) worked with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) to develop and implement a best practices energy services performance contracting project with Trane.  The project was designed to save at least 31 percent of annual energy costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7,541 metric tons – equivalent of taking 1,381 cars off the road and preserving 1,714 acres of forested land.

Upon completion of the project, CCI published an in-depth case study highlighting UCM’s achievement and documenting their innovative approach.   Click here to learn more about CCI.

Leader in Energy Efficiency Award


On February 4th, 2011 Trane presented UCM with the “Energy Efficiency Leader in Education Award” in recognition of the university’s commitment to improved building performance. The award was presented at a ceremony celebrating the completion of the improvements which were launched in the spring of 2009 and finished six months ahead of schedule.

“We’re excited that we can now provide an optimized learning and teaching environment that reflects our
commitment to sustainability,” said Charles M. Ambrose, president of UCM. “We’re demonstrating the
importance of environmental responsibility to our students – one of the key life lessons we want to teach them.”

Click here to read more about this award.

ESCO Project Largest in the Nation

Core elements of the upgrade program at UCM include efforts such as the installation of renewable energy-efficient HVAC systems; new hot water distribution systems; installation of more energy-efficient lighting; installation of campuswide building automation; life safety measures; laboratory air systems and controls; green technologies for curriculum utilization and campus green awareness; new roofs and windows on various buildings; efforts to improve indoor air quality in classrooms; improved air handling systems; and acoustical improvements for the classroom and office space.

“I just wanted to praise the work that’s been done in our building on the ceilings.  The first floor, where I am, looks wonderful.  The construction crew has been so friendly, hard working, and careful about clean up – I’ve been really impressed.  The past week they have amazed me with how much they’ve accomplished.  I just wandered up and down the hall a few minutes ago to see which rooms had been done, and they’re ALL done – remarkable.  I was chatting with 2 people – supervisors I believe – and saying what a great job the workers had done, and they suggested I send an e-mail…..Also, the changes have had the desired effect – not only does it look great and we now have sprinklers – but for the first time in the 20 years that I’ve been here, the building is cool in the summer.  YIPPEE.  I assume it will also be warm in the winter and students can take off their coats and gloves in class.  So, thank you.”

-Sue, University of Central Missouri

Ingram’s Industry Outlook


On April 21, the University of Central Missouri collaborated with Ingram’s Magazine on a lively and well-attended roundtable on the subject of a green, sustainable economy.  This followed a vendor and trade show on the subject in the Elliott Union Atrium and capped the university’s Earth Week recognition.

Read the article by Jack Cashill, published in the May 2010 edition of Kansas City’s Business Magazine.

Earth Week Celebration

The University of Central Missouri took its Earth “Day” Celebration to another level with one of the biggest events in the region.  “The stage this year was set for making a bigger splash with this celebration, given the University’s big green movement and steps in terms of sustainability” said Seven Boone, interim dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  The theme of the week:  “Change Your Behavior, Change Our World”.  The festivities, which spanned the entire week of April 19th, began with a volunteer service day.

Read more about Earth Week.