Washburn University Energy Savings Project


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If you have specific questions or concerns about construction projects in your building please contact the Trane Field Office at 785-783-2795 or Ed Wiss, Washburn University Assistant Director for Maintenance, at 785-670-1546.

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About the Project

At the end of 2012 Washburn University embarked on an 20-month, $12.3 million project to reduce energy consumption and the university’s carbon footprint on its Topeka campus while making a significant improvement to the learning environment. Following an investment grade audit of campus facilities to identify conservation measures, the university’s board approved in November 2012 an energy-performance contract with Trane to oversee the renovation and upgrade of campus buildings in alignment with the university’s 150 Forward strategic plan.  Construction on the project began in February 2013 and all the improvements are anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2014.

The most significant changes students and faculty will notice are the thermal and visual comfort improvements generated from upgrading the HVAC and lighting systems. Most buildings on campus are scheduled to receive energy efficient lighting upgrades that will dramatically enhance the learning environment and improve energy efficiency. Additionally, high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and control system upgrades will improve indoor air quality, improved ventilation and classroom comfort. Additional improvements include low-flow water fixture upgrades in most buildings and re-commissioning of the fume hood system in Stoffer Science Hall.

Throughout construction Trane will have a job-site office located at 21st and Washburn Avenue where a local team will be located to manage the project. Although students and faculty may notice a few more hard hats on campus Trane has scheduled the design and construction in phases to allow occupancy and instructional activities to continue with minimal disruption.

Energy savings will be realized along with reducing the amount of money the college spends maintaining aging equipment that has exceeded its useful service life. With the new energy efficient upgrades, Washburn University is expected to save nearly $618,000 annually in utility expenses. Additionally, by replacing aging infrastructure the University will reduce the deferred maintenance backlog while preparing facilities for decades of additional use.

Facility Improvements include:

  • High-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve indoor air quality, increase ventilation and raise classroom thermal comfort.
  • High performance lighting systems to provide optimal lighting.
  • Low-flow water fixtures to conserve water and reduce sewage.
  • Re-commissioning of the fume hood system in Stoffer Science Hall.
  • Window and door replacement in Morgan Hall.
  • Campus-wide building automation system installation and/or upgrades which will enable operations staff to centrally control the HVAC systems to optimize energy and operational efficiencies while improving classroom comfort.

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